24/7 Safety & Security

Stress-free website hosting

Keep Calm and Curry On

Stop stressing about your site

You want to give your website visitors the fastest and safest online experience.

But it’s A LOT of work.

There are plugins to update. Logins to manage. And don’t even get me started on C Panel configurations.

My hosting and maintenance packages take all of that stress off your plate.

So you can focus on growing your business.

Not stressing about your site.

A series of three photos shows Greg Gall trying to toss his chef hat into the air and catch it on his head.
"Responsive. Helpful. Great partner."
Greg has been a great partner for my website projects. He's very responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend partnering with Greg on your website!
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Easy Does It

Get 24/7 peace of mind

Maximum security

Specifically designed to protect WordPress sites.

24/7 server monitoring

To make sure your site is always on and ready to sell.

99.9% uptime

Your target customers will always be able to find and contact you.

Nightly backups

Rest easy knowing your site is backed up every night.

Auto-healing technology

Your site will be restored quickly and automatically if something goes wrong.

Lightning-fast load times

Give your customers the best and most modern user experience.

“How will you make my life easier?”

Don’t worry about a thang. My hosting has you covered

set up
and service

No worries

Fast and easy migration

Your site will stay up and running while I migrate it to my server. The only thing your customers will notice is the super-fast load times.

There If you need it

Automatic backups

Stop worrying about “breaking” your site. I’ll keep a backup on a secure, separate server. So if something goes wrong, you can get back online in minutes. Not days.

Stay Fresh

Monthly plugin updates

Hackers love outdated plugins. I’ll help you stay ahead of attacks by ensuring your plugins are safe, secure and up to date.

Stay current

Monthly theme updates

Your site will always be fast, secure and stable — so nothing gets in between you and your ideal customers.

security and

Stay safe out there

Malware protection

Hackers gonna hack. But you don’t have to worry 'bout that. My hosting plan offers unparalleled security and protection. So you can put your site out in the world with total confidence.

back in a jiffy

Free malware cleanup

If a hacker does get through (it’s the internet, crazy things happen), my free malware cleanup will get you back to business quickly and safely.

All-around protection

Server-level security

Too many plugins can slow down your site and put your data at risk. My servers will handle most of your site’s security and cache functions. So you can get rid of those extra plugins.

no warnings here

Free SSL certificate

Boost your SEO ranking. Increase trust. And protect your data from external threats. My free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification has you covered.

customer engagement

green flash fast

Lightning-fast load times

My servers are optimized for WordPress. This ensures the fastest page load times. So your visitors can start interacting with your site — not waiting for the content to load.

worldwide SPEED

Global CDN

Your site will load even faster thanks to my global CDN. This helps reduce page abandonments and increase your SEO rankings. (Because Google LOVES fast sites.)

go big

Instant scaling technology

You won’t be punished if your traffic spikes. My hosting can handle millions of visitors. Whether you’re launching a new product or a blog post goes viral, I’ve got your back.