A smiling Greg Gall stands in the center of the image wearing an apron.

Greg Gall is

The WordPress Chef

Cooking up made-to-order websites that help businesses reach their full potential online.

Fire up the grill!

You’re ready to take your business to the next level

But it feels like your current website is holding you back.

No one’s clicking. No one’s scheduling calls.

The site’s just … sitting there.

You tried updating the site yourself and ended up with nothing but a major headache.

This is where I pop on my apron and say, “I can help!”

"So much more than we hoped for."
I’m the chairman of a nonprofit that serves thousands in Kenya. When we needed a great web designer, Greg was our top choice. The site he created for us was so much more than we had hoped for. It reflects our mission and gives our visitors a rich user experience. We were so happy, we immediately hired Greg for additional projects. I also referred him to another board I sit on. We’re so happy we found Greg. I highly recommend his work!
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Would you like fries with that?

One made-to-order website coming your way ...

A trusted recipe for reaching your full potential online

You want a site that will make your business proud. And profitable!

My processes are based on years of WordPress, software development and IT experience. They ensure you get a website that creates real value for your business.

Custom sites adapted to your tastes

Great developers (and chefs) know that every customer’s tastes are unique. That’s why I take the time to understand your business, customers and company vision.

So you get a site that pairs perfectly with your brand and business goals.

Give your customers a 5-star user experience

Your website is the heart of your brand’s online presence. It needs to be fast and easy to use.

I’ll ensure we give your customers the best online experience. One that’s responsive, accessible and optimized for conversions.

A smiling Greg Gall stands in the center of the image. In the background, a table of chef tools and produce.

The WordPress Chef in a nutshell

Real name: Greg Gall


Satisfied customers

9 years

WordPress experience


Pizzas eaten

Get it while it’s hot!

Let me cook up a website you’ll love

Imagine the possibilities...

Having a website that makes you proud

Giving your customers the best user experience

Getting more ROI out your online presence

No obligation. No stress. No calories.
"I wish I had contacted him sooner!"
After naively thinking I could create my business’s website, I went searching for a professional and thankfully found the WordPress Chef. Greg is patient, friendly and very responsive. I only wish I had contacted him sooner! I love my new website!!
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